Track Parts

Track Parts

Sunset Valley offers accessories that can help complete the assembly of your layout. If you have any questions feel free to contact Pete.

Rail Joiners

Our rail joiners help your track flow smoothly. They are installed at the ends of two separate pieces of rail to help bridge the gap. Rail joiners come in brass and an insulated materials.

Rail Clamps

Our rail clamps also help smoothly connect your track. Rail clamps can be used in replacement or in conjunction with rail joiners, and they’re offered in various materials. We also offer an adaptor clamp that allows you to adapt our 250 code rail to the popular 332 code rail. Our rail drivers are wrenches sized to the rail clamps.

Tiestrip Spikes

For the home track builder. Blackened stainless steel formed to the correct spike head detail. 9/16″ long overall, 1/2″ under the head. Approximately 1000 per 4 oz packet.

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